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From the Trojmezí to Dřevěnice na Fojství

It is beautiful, cca 14 km long track which goes from the Hrčava village (where borders of three states converge – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland) to the Mosty u Jablunkova to Gorolské Turistické Informační centrum. During your trip you will see valaššká contemporary architecture, then you will meet place where the three borders of three countries go together (Trojmezí). Your trip will be more adventurous, if you go to the top of the Girová mountain and then go across rock formation Devil´s Mill.

Number of days 1
Predominant type of transportation on foot, bus, train, car / motorcycle
Suitable for the type of customer companies and other organisations, for men, for women, middle-aged people without children, nature lovers, romantics, senior citizens, spostsmen, young and active
Period spring, summer, autumn
Conditions This track is not suitable for baby-carriages. It is recommended to take an identity card or passport with.
It depends absolutely on you how you will get to the Mosty u Jablunkova. You can travel by bus, car or by taxi. From Mosty u Jablunova you will continue your trip by bus to the Hrčava. Do not forget to visit contemporary wooden church and spring Lurdské jeskyně, which has a healing effects according to the legends.

All this surprising places you will find in Hrčava. Then follow yellow tourist mark which leads to the Trojmezí, after comeback visit a memorial of the last wolf and from this point up to the Girova Mountain (green tourist mark). On the top of the mountain look around yourself. This amazing view will provide you awesome moments. You can also visit rock fortification called Devil´s Mill, which is situated near the Girová peak. From mystic Girová continue your adventure to Mosty u Jablunkova . When you will be in Mosty, do not forget to visit our Dřevěnice na Fojství before going back home.

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