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Circle around cottage Skalka

It is a beautiful day trip in the surroundings of CHKO Beskydy. During your hiking trip you will come across beautiful springs, as well as experience views from the lookout tower Tetřev or enjoy your meal in mountain cottage Skalka. If you are looking for an unique mountain adventure, this is the right choice.

Number of days 1
Predominant type of transportation on foot, train, car / motorcycle
Suitable for the type of customer for men, for women, middle-aged people without children, nature lovers, romantics, senior citizens, spostsmen, young and active
Period spring, summer, autumn, winter
Conditions The above trek´s level is considered to be medium, but do not worry it is suitable for everyone including families. This trek is not suitable for push-chairs.
Tour begins in the village Mosty u Jablunkova in our Gorolské Tourist Information Center. You can leave your car in the car park by local hall or come by train. From Mosty u Jablunkova you will be lead by a red tourist trail. It will take you across spring Kyčera by Skalka, Cottage Skalka and mountain Kostelky . This trail will lead you through all these places to lookout tower Tetřev. You have an option to continue your hiking adventure to mountain called Velký Polom, but if you do so you will then need to come back to Tetřev tower and further down back to guidepost Kostelky.

From this guidepost Kostelky you will follow a blue tourist trail to Mosty u Jablunkova through beautiful forest path. On the way, to through Jablunkovský průsmyk to the train station you will pass a medieval fortification called Šance and natural reservation Vřesová stráň. The last part of journey through Jablunkovský průsmyk to the train station is not marked any more, but it continues on the main quiet road.

You can also buy a tourist stamp of Mosty u Jablunkova (in Gorolské informační centrum).

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